Whiskey Flat Days Vendors Welcome!

1. On arrival, prior to setting up, head to the WFD info booth (located at the corner of Tobias and Kernville Road) to check-in and ask any questions.  DO NOT set up until you have confirmed your space with a chamber host or staff.  Please have this confirmation with you!  If arriving before Friday, you may check in at the Chamber Office at the corner of Kernville Road and Sierra Way: 11447 Kernville Rd., Kernville, CA 93238. 

2. Frontage road will be blocked to traffic throughout the weekend beginning Friday morning, February 16th.  Vendors, you may unload your booth setups and sale items, then move your vehicle to a parking area – there are several around town.

3. Vendors may start setting up on Thursday, February 15th at 3:00 p.m in Circle Park and Riverside Park (if your location is ready) NO EARLIER.  Frontage Road may start setting up on Thursday, February 17th after 4pm if your space is open. Please note: Frontage Road does not close until Friday AM.  The show starts at 1PM on Friday, February 16th and ends at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, February 19th.  We ask that all vendors stay through Monday. We will be charging the penalty fee for early departures. 

4. Frontage Road area is all paved.  Provisions need to be made regarding stabilizing your booth(s) for wind, weather, etc.

5. Although security will be provided all three nights, (Fri, Sat, Sun), we are not responsible for your possessions. It is a good idea to remove your sale items during the night unless you can secure them to prevent theft or damage.

6. If you have paid for electricity you MUST comply by using construction grade electrical cords (orange), and they must be in perfect shape, free of any defects.  No heaters or household extension cords will be allowed.

7. Shoppers may hand you green “Frog Bucks” in amounts up to $5.00.  These are from the frog-jumping contest. Do not honor if it looks as though the amount has been changed.  You may redeem these “Frog Bucks” at the Kernville Chamber Information Booth.

8. Parking is not allowed on Kernville Road on Saturday between 9am and 1pm due to the parade.  Parking will be available the rest of the time and at different areas in Kernville; several on Burlando Road.

9. It is advisable not to bring your dog, but if you do, dogs are required to be leashed.  Dog waste is required to be removed by each dog owner.

10. No alcohol or drugs are accepted.  Any evidence of paraphernalia will result is immediate expulsion from this and all future shows.

11. All boxes must be broken down and placed in the large trash bins.  All trash must be cleaned from your area before your departure. Should we receive a complaint regarding the cleanliness of your booth, you will not be invited next year.


If you have any questions, please use email address: events@gotokernville.com


Thank you,


Lindsey Hurley, Event Coordinator

Kernville Chamber of Commerce

Circle Park Vendors

1. Oremus Glass

2.  Rad Rags

3  LeChevre Doux

4  Tishacs

5  Junk Yard Jewelry

6  Penny Face Knives

7  Old World Indian Art

8  Simply Jeri

9  Fuzion Home Services 

10  Ideal Soft tubs x2 

11  McKnits

12  Bake A Beanie

13  Kalimba Baskets

14  Bake A Beanie

15  Classy Trashy

16  Classy Trashy

17  4 on The Floor

18  Pieces of Heaven

19  Amini Fashions

20  Arts of Aquarious

21  Marge Powers

22  Equine Rescue

23  Xtreme Pet Products

24  Attitude With Heart

25  God's Store House

26  Attitude With Heart

27  Nihao 

28  Nihao 

29  Spirit Lost Arts

30  Knotty Wood Designs

31  Ammo Wear



34  Thru the Garden Window

35  Arts Adriel

36 Tonya Barling

37  Arts Adriel

38  R Endeavor

39American Images


41  American Images


43  Trecos

44  Rhonda's Crystal Creations

45  Fabulous Faces

Click on Image to Download PDF Map

Riverside Park Vendors



Click on Image to Download PDF Map

Frontage Rd. Vendors

Side A



1 Sweet Spot Home Décor

2  Sweet Spot Home Décor

3  Stateline Activities

4  Li's International Trading

5  Sarah's Toys


6  Palomino-International Trea.

7  Paul's Products

8  Womanhood Collection

9  Kaya

10  Kaya

11  Holm Patches & Hats

12  Hold Patches & Hats


13  Primos

14  Carousel of Cards

15  Carousel of Cards

16  Carousel of Cards


17  Golden State Snacks

18  Damsel in Defence

19  Younique by Kelly

20  LulaRoe by Katherin

21  LulaRoe by Katherin

22  Kern River Knives

23  Kern River Knives


24  International Treasures

25  International Treasures

26  Elusive Ent.

27  Elusive Ent.

28  Blue Dolphin

29  Blue Dolphin


30  Amahok Designs

31  OneSpade Youth Packer

32  Back Country Horseman

33  A Spice Above

34  A Spice Above

35  Wander & Co.

36  Myriad Group

37  Organic Fashion

Side B

BX 1. Seymour Ent.

BX 2 

1  Morrison Creations

2  Morrison Creations

3  Paul's Products

4  Bency Co. 

5 Smokin Mary

6  Mrs. M's Handmade

7  Mrs. M's Handmade

8  Bamboo Pillows

9  Sadie's Rusty Charms

10  American Legion 711

11 Maskwa Designs

12  Angelita's Fashions

13  Angelita's Fashions

14  J's Lil Bowtique

15  J's Lil Bowtique

16  Wold Designs

17  Wold Designs


18  Old West Kettle Korn

19  Old West Kettle Korn

BX 3 Sun Power Solar

20  Heavenly Scents

21  Jx Style

22  Jx Style

23  Root 66

24  The Designer Image

25  Door Wide Open

26  Color Street

27  Wild Flower Botanical

28  Lemonade Yard

29  Lemonade Yard


30  Jerky Hut

31  Paul's Products

32  Paul's Products

33  GRF Distributing

34  GRF Distributing

35  Paul's Products

36  Designs From the Heart

37  H & H Art

38  The Local Pages

39  Torres H Toys

40  Tehachapi Valley Gem 


42  Alta Arms

43  Alta Arms

44  Viva La Revolution

45  Viva La Revolution

46  International Leather 

47  International Leather 

48  Linnies Jewelry

49  C & D Sk8te Shop

50  Kern River Law and Order

51  Turf N America

52  Kern River Hatchery

53  Support our Troops 

54  Support our Troops 

55  Wounded Heroes Fund

56  Bakersfield Vet Center

57  Soldiers for Jesus MC

58 Paul's Products

59 Paul's Products



Click on image to download PDF Map

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